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Les filles de l’air
by Uchronie Lab

Les Filles de l’air are imaginary islands escaped from the dream of a child.
The project "Les Filles de l’air" originated over a year ago, after having long observed my daily life and gazed many-a-time into the amazed expression of a child.
With the regenerating power of nature and our capacity to dream, to extract ourselves from the weight of the present, in order to free ourselves, was born the will to seize and treasure those fleeting moments of life.

The living version of their dream, "Les Filles de l’air"
can be provided in two versions.

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Self-sustaining vegetal islands

As self-sustaining compositions, which are stabilised and preserved.

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Living vegetal islands

As plants that will need your care and of which you can observe the slow growth process.

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the original idea.

Originally, "Les Filles de l’air" is a common noun denoting a category of epiphytes plants: Tillandsia.
It is in reference to this plant with no roots, which lives suspended, that the first “levitating island” was created.
Made of two Tillandia, it was the first floating island of a budding archipelago.
"Take care of your imagination."

Design Variations

"Les Filles de l’air" stem from the imaginary world of childhood nourished by the tales, stories and novels of writers, paintings and artists; fed by the cinema and the varying phantasmagorical universes belonging to the People.
Filled with Man’s contemplation of nature and with his dream to rise towards the heavens, they are the fruits of observation of our vegetable/plant, animal, and mineral world.
"Les Filles de l’air" are the captured moments of a daydream.
They are the ideal moments for observing a preserved piece of nature.
"Les Filles de l’air" are the very physical projection of our imagination.

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Multiple universes

Each person should be able to meet their "Filles de l’air",
the living version of their dream.

Made in France

All products are manufactured in France.

Unique Craft Product

All products are hand-made by artisans
and are signed.

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